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It seems as if you can find passable halal meat in a few different locations. But, where can you buy the best halal meat in Chicago? Mirchi Masalay is a local Chicago halal meat and seafood business providing top quality halal meat delivered right to your doorstep for those living in or near Chicago. In fact, we even ship our long list of tasty international ingredients anywhere across the country as well. Our online grocery store provides not only an excellent selection of halal meats, but also delicious Indian foods and spices - enabling you to become an expert home chef. Plus, we have frozen and organic sections, personal care items, basic grocery needs, and more. People ask me where can I find a halal store near me. Mirchi Masalay is always available for your halal store needs. 

In line with our core beliefs about appreciating a shared humanity via food choices, the following article will help you better understand halal meat and whether or not it is healthier. 

Halal Beef

Halal meat

For starters, the Arabic term “Halal” is very important for Muslims and it translates to “permissible” or “acceptable”. Generally speaking, halal refers to all permissible actions that Muslims should be following in their day-to-day lives such as clothing styles, verbal sayings, physical actions, or in this case - food. These rules are taken from the Quran and Sunnah teachings. The opposite of halal is “Haram” which translates to “forbidden”. One example of a haram food you might be familiar with is pork. On the other hand, halal meat is widely consumed amongst Muslims - and a great place to find high quality productions is at Mirchi Masala.

Now you might be thinking: what is halal meat? Well, this has to do with the way an animal is slaughtered according to Islamic law. First, it is important that the animal is healthy and alive. Next, the person performing the slaughter must be a adult Muslim and must use a sharp knife to cut the jugular vein, arotid artery, and windpipe in single cut along the neckbone. By doing so, the connections between the nerves in the spinal cord are kept intact causing the heart to contract in response to a lack of oxygen in the brain. The point of this is to ensure maximum drainage of blood from the animal. The rapid and complete bleeding is assumed to cause the quickest and least painful death for the animal. This method of killing is called Zabiha, which is why all of our products include the term “Zabiha Halal” in their title.

Another important step in the process is the religious sayings that must be called upon before the slaughter occurs. Usually it is the term Bismallah which translates to “In the name of God” or the term Bismillahi-Allahu Akbar which translates to “In the name of Allah the greatest”. This is done because it is about taking permission and, similar to other monothelstic religions, mentioning the name of the God will allow what is called Baraka or “blessings” to the food being eaten. In case the butcher unintentionally forgets to mention the name of God, it will remain halal. Because intention plays a crucial role in the process, the slaughtering may not be done by a machine. In addition, the animal should not be killed in front of other animals. Here at Mirchi Masalay we ensure that all these guidelines and more are adhered to in our products. 

Is Halal Meat Healthier?

This is a controversial topic as there are different claims made. On the one hand, many sources claim that if you consume less of the animal's blood, it is healthier. This is because when draining the blood out of the animal's body, much of the toxins and microorganisms will be carried out. Other reasons state that animals killed the Halal way must be fed vegetarian diets, while conventional animals in farms across the U.S. are sometimes fed animal byproducts. Aslo, animals that are halal can’t be given antibiotics because they might contain pork-based ingredients, making them healthier as a result of no antibiotics or growth hormones. These regulations are guaranteed in Mirchi Masalay’s meat supplies. 

On the other hand, some scientific scholars state that there are not enough studies to back up these claims. This is because there are not any nutritional differences between halal and non-halal meats and there is no research done on the health of those who consume halal versus non-halal products. However, when it comes to the difference in taste, some say that halal products taste better due to the drainage of blood and due to lesser stress imposed on the animal compared to modern methods. In fact, some sources state that many non-Muslims prefer to purchase halal meats due to a better taste. As of now, the discussion of taste remains based on opinion. So, why not try it out yourself and determine what you think!

Halal Market Near Me

Halal Market

Whether it is for Eid al-Adha (“The Festival of Sacrifice”) or for iftar meals during Ramadan, Mirchi Masalay has you covered. Our active online market will be a delicious choice for you when celebrating or for your every day lunch options. We serve halal lamb, halal sausages, halal bacon, halal goat, halal beef, and halal chicken straight to your doorstep. Whether it is the halal grass fed beef or zabiha halal cut goat, you are guaranteed quality service and satisfaction. That’s because at Mirchi Masalay, the customer is our first priority. With that being said, we are committed to ensuring that all regulations in the process of Halal slaughter are met. When people search for a halal store near me, you can always rely on Mirchi Masalay.

A great feature of Mirchi Masalay’s online halal market is the various search filters one can apply such as “sort by: best selling” or “sort by: featured”. In addition, you can also adjust your viewing preferences. All of our products are priced with additional discounts to make sure you receive a fair price for what you order! This is because when shopping with Mirchi Masala, you  are shopping directly from the supplier rather than a middle man. 

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