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Are you asking for an authentic Indian grocery near me? At Mirchi Masalay you are guaranteed the best quality products and services. With our huge collection of Indian spices, you’ll find all you need in one place. We are not only an Indian grocery, but also, a supplier of products and species from places all across Asia. 

If you're looking for all the right ingredients to create an authentic Asian cuisine, then continue reading! I get asked all the time, where can I get Indian spices near me. In this article, we will tell you about popular items sold at our Indian grocery store based in Chicago, what makes us the best online Indian grocery, and what the benefits are from ordering online. 

Indian spices near me

Indian Grocery Store

What are some popular items sold at our Indian grocery store? In case you’re unsure what to get, here are a few popular items sold at Mirchi Masalay:

  • Organic Curry Leaves: These leaves are used in multiple dishes and are freshly cut from the curry tree plant native to India. Curry leaves provide lots of health benefits, such as being good for diabetes and weight loss.  
      • Vegetables: From fresh mint and cilantro to roma tomatoes, all popular cooking vegetables are available. 
      • Desi Yogurt: Great for digestion, you can find Desi Whole Milk Yogurt on our website. You can buy it in two different quantities: 2lb or 5lb. 
      • Maggi Masala Noodles: Made with a bold masala flavor, this instant maggi masala noodle pack has just the right amount of spice. In case you want to order in bulk, you can buy packs up to 560g. 
  • Okra Cuts: Also known as ladies' fingers or ochro, this plant belongs to the mallow family. Enjoy these delicious okra cuts at 22% off. 
      • Shredded Coconut: Deep shredded coconut pieces can be used to make salty or sweet dishes. A few creative ways to use shredded coconut are Oatmeal Coco-Nutters or Date-Coconut Energy Balls. These are both healthy sweet choices. 
      • Indian Eggplants: These eggplants come smaller than usual, averaging 5-7 centimeters depending on maturity. They appear in a circular shape and have a dark purple glossy covering. They make delicious dishes adding creamy texture.  
  • Green Peas: These premium selected green peas are easy to make. Check out the right way to cook frozen peas.
    • Ghee: We have all types of ghee. These will often come in handy when making Indian sweets or Mughlai dishes.

    Indian ghee

    Many of these items might not be available at your local grocery. Indian snacks and particular dairy products are especially unique to us. Whether you have tried cooking with these items or not, we can help give you ideas of what to make. On our Youtube Channel, we have many recipes available. All the items you need to make the Spicy Aloo Chat or Bagharay Baingan  can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Our detailed videos will guide you through every step of the way. We even provide exact measurements to make sure you get it right. 

    The Best Indian Grocery Online

    We pride ourselves in being the best online Indian grocery. We want to ensure your expectations are met, which is why: 

    • Quick Service: We will have your groceries delivered to you the following day between 4pm and 11pm. If you would like to order groceries for a particular day, say one week from now, you can choose that option at the checkout. 
    • High Quality: At Mirchi Masalay, we firmly believe in high quality food products. We won’t accept having any product expired or ruined upon delivery. Our customer service team is always ready to assist any concern you have about the products purchased. 
    • Wide Selection: We have a huge selection of items from organic and frozen sections to personal care and kitchen supplies. In fact, you can even shop for your favorite imported brands like Ahsoka and Shan. Find all you need from one place. 
    • Easy to Use: Our easy to use website will help you find all the right products in a few clicks. You can shop with ease and at your convenience. For more info on how to place an order, check out our FAQ page.  

    Indian Grocery Delivery

    Spices from India

    What are the benefits of delivering Indian grocery items to your home? Well, you will definitely be saving on time and money, and here’s why: 

  • Cut down on Gas: Spare on some gas and possible parking costs and order from the convenience of your home. These costs will definitely add up over time. Also, routinely trips to the supermarket will add extra miles to your car. 
  • Advantage of Online-Only Discounts: This is a huge bonus. For instance, all prices at Mirchi Masalay are discounted because you are buying directly from the supplier. When buying from the supermarket, you are having to pay extra for the middle man. So, enjoy the products you need for less!
  • Buy in Bulk: As you might know, buying in bulk is a good way to save money. However, when physically going to a grocery store, it can be too much to carry and you might not have enough room in the car. Instead, virtually add bulk items to your cart and they will be delivered straight to you. 
  • Avoid Lines: Waiting in line can be very time consuming, especially at peak hours. But with online grocery deliveries, this won’t be an issue.  
    • Browse on Your Time: Trying to find all the items you need at a huge grocery store can take forever. You go from aisle to aisle searching for what you need. Instead, digitally browsing on your own time can save you the hassle. Let’s say you have a quick break between working, you can make a trip to our Indian grocery straight from your desk! 

    Indian Grocery Delivery Chicago

    Mirchi Masalay will give you the convenience you're looking for. As an Indian grocery based in Chicago, we can deliver all that you need. If you remember another item you need while cooking, you can simply add it to your cart. Spare the time and money, take advantage of our services!