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Halal Meat Delivery 

Are you a looking to have halal meat delivered straight to your doorstep? Well, look no further! Mirchi Masalay is an online grocery store providing a quality selection of halal meats. This includes halal chicken, halal goat, halal lamb, and halal beef. Now you might not be familiar with what halal meat is, but not to worry. In this article we will provide a simple explanation of what halal meat is, explain what the term “Zabiha” halal means, and discuss the benefits of grass fed halal beef. 

Zabiha Halal Meat

So you might have read the term “Zabiha Halal” on many of our meat products and wondered: What does Zabiha mean? This term is found in the teachings of the Quran and plays a very important part in how animals must be slaughtered. This impacts the dietary choices Muslims must take.

Halal meat delivery

There are four main zabiha rules for animal slaughter:

  1. The individual performing the slaughter must be a mentally stable adult Muslim. 
  2. They must mention the name of Allah (“God”) while performing the slaughter. This is done to seek the approval of Allah to end the animal's life and consume it. The phrase usually said is “Bismillah” which means “in the name of God.”
  3. The slaughter must be done using a sharp knife quickly across the animals windpipe. In addition, a minimum of three out of the four veins in the throat must be cut. The animal is then left to bleed out as much blood as possible. Also, the animal must not be killed in front of other animals. 
  4. The slaughter must be performed in the direction of the qibla. The qibla direction means the direction facing Mecca, which is a very holy city for Muslims and it is where the Islamic faith was born. 

While zabiha is used only with regards to meat products, halal is a more general term used in Islamic law. Halal means “permissible” and dictates what Muslims can wear, say, act, and in this case: eat. This means that zabiha is considered a form of halal. This also means that all halal meat is zabiha approved given that one must follow the zabiha rules of slaughtering. Otherwise, the meat would be considered haram or “not permissible” or “unlawful.” 

Here at Mirchi Masalay we guarantee that all our Halal meat products have been slaughtered as per the rules of Zabiha. We understand the importance of this practice and we continuously aim to fulfill our customers' trust. 

Grass Fed Halal Beef 

Grass fed halal beef

In order for beef to be considered halal it must be grass fed. Halal beef also means it is not allowed to contain any chemicals like antibiotics or hormones. Many studies have shown the benefits of grass-fed beef. The first most significant benefit is that grass-fed beef contains many more nutrients than grain-fed beef. Specifically, grass-fed beef has more vitamin A and more vitamin E. In addition to this, grass-fed beef has been shown to contain more antioxidants (such as linoleic acid). Also, it contains twice as many omega-3 fatty acids. The health benefits of halal beef steak are evident - so why not try it out today? Learn more about BBQ specials as well!

Another great benefit of grass fed beef is that it is much better for the environment and is more sustainable. This is because they use less energy required machinery. Also, by allowing cows to graze, they make use of the land and improve soil health. This leads to a reduced carbon footprint. Grazing cattle also helps to maintain native grasses and reduce cases of fire danger. However, this argument is two-fold. Some claim that grass-fed beef is not really better for the planet. 

After trying our halal beef products, you probably might be thinking - what makes halal beef taste so good? Well, there has been a lot of research on the difference in taste between grain fed meat and grass fed halal meat. One main difference is that grass-fed beef is leaner and tends to taste gamey - meaning it has a stronger taste of meat. Many passionate beef eaters claim that grass-fed beef also has a different texture. Because grass fed meat contains less fat, it can burn more easily while cooking. So be sure to keep a close eye on it. Also, remember to cook the grass fed halal beef with our excellent selection of Indian species.

The question then becomes: what difference does it make on the wellbeing of the cows? Many animal welfare experts claim that cattle like to graze more than be in a feedlot. This focus is on the venue or surroundings as a source of well-being. 

On the other hand, some animal welfare experts claim that the management is more important than the venue. This means that grain-fed animals seem to enjoy what they are eating more than grass-fed. However, cows are not biologically designed to be fed grains, and this is mainly done for financial incentives. Their digestive systems are fine-tuned for grass. Cattles are meant to be fed grass, and at Mirchi Masalay all of our halal beef products are grass fed - because they should be!

Halal Meat Delivery Chicago

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